Spetsun Launches Website Builder to Rival Wix, Squarespace

Spetsun - Effortless website design for small businesses

Spetsun Launches Website Builder to Rival Wix, Squarespace

Canadian technology company, Spetsun, has just launched a new website development service to rival do-it-yourself website builders. This Wix/Squarespace competitor is billed to make creating websites fast and effortless by automating the website creation process, freeing up time for users, and providing post-creation maintenance services.

With Spetsun’s all-new services, it has become easier than ever to create a beautiful website and launch a business in no time. By simply uploading details of the website they want, users can get a professional website in less than forty-eight hours. Spetsun’s services are open to those looking to create a brand-new website and those who want to upgrade their existing website or switch to an easier platform.

I found DIY website builders to be both unwieldy and time-consuming. I wanted something effortless, that required very little hands-on time, but that produced outstanding results, so I created Spetsun. Now anyone can launch a website without the cost of custom development or the time investment to build it themselves. This is faster, better, and more efficient than any website builder we have today.
— Elisabeth Laurent, Founder and CEO, Spetsun

For users who already have a website, Spetsun also offers premium maintenance packages that handle everything required to keep a website running at peak performance including paid domains, hosting, backups, security, and reporting. Spetsun keeps all website systems up-to-date and executes user requests for updates and changes to their website, allowing the user to focus wholly on their business without having to deal with website maintenance.

So you’ve got a great website but what happens after it goes live? We’ve answered that question with a range of services to support website owners post-creation. There’s so much that goes into keeping a website running that we had to simplify website operations to make it easy for users to own a website without needing to call for external help.
— Elisabeth Laurent

Spetsun’s Care packages come in several variants from the Basic plan that maintains all website systems and ensures a 99.9% uptime to the Complete handle-it-all plan that includes updates at the users request and more advanced features such as image and search engine optimization. Spetsun’s robust website maintenance plans bundled with its website creation and upgrade services sum up to a full-suite web platform for small businesses, influencers, professionals, and practitioners who need a web presence but don’t want to deal with the hassles of creating and maintaining a website themselves.

Spetsun is a Canada-based technology company that focuses on web development and management. It was founded by Elisabeth Laurent with the goal of making the web beautiful and more accessible.